Four steps to teach you how to save green spring tea


1. The family should store a small amount of tea in a s […]

1. The family should store a small amount of tea in a short period of time (months). You can use tea, tin bottles, dark glass bottles or ceramic containers. It is best to use long-neck tin bottles or double-layered iron tea. When loading tea leaves, it should be packed to avoid entering the air.
2. the tea is made with thin cow paper, tied tightly, layered into a dry and tasteless, intact and non-destructive jar or rust-free, odor-free iron bucket, put a bag between the bag and bag of tea Or a few bags of weathered lime, put a layer of tea bags on top, and cover the lid.
3. Use hot water bottled tea with better insulation performance. The bottle mouth is tightly sealed with white cork and wrapped with tape. It also keeps the tea stored for a long time.
4. wrap a pack of quicklime in paper, put it on the bottom of the bottle, put the tea on the lime, tighten the stamp, the tea will not be poisoned, and will not lose the fragrance.
How to drink green Yangchun tea?
Brewing green Yangchun tea is also very particular about it. Don't use the water that is rolled away. If the temperature is too high, the green tea is more delicate, and the fragrance bubble does not come out. Generally, it is brewed with water of about 85 °C. When tea is tasted, drink it. When there is one third of the time left, you need to add water. You can't wait until you drink it.
Because the green Yangchun tea has the characteristics of high aroma and resistance to brewing, the shape is like a green willow, and the leaves are relatively tender. Generally, the green spring tea can be washed three to four times.
Can Green Yangchun tea expire after drinking?
Drinking green Yangchun tea mainly consists of a "fresh" word. As long as it is well preserved, it can be drunk if it expires for a period of time without deterioration. It may not be the best taste. Therefore, try to drink it in the shelf life to taste its pure taste.
However, it should be noted that not only the expired, but also the deterioration of the tea must not drink, otherwise it will affect the health of the body. Therefore, the green Yangchun tea in this case should not drink any more.

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