Drinking tea is only a prerequisite for the formation of tea culture


China is the hometown of tea. The Chinese discovered an […]

China is the hometown of tea. The Chinese discovered and used tea. It is said to have started in the Shennong era, and it has been said for more than 4,700 years. Until now, the compatriots of all ethnic groups in China still have the custom of tea and courtesy.
Chinese tea culture is a culture of making tea and drinking tea in China. As one of the seven things to open the door (chamy rice oil sauce vinegar tea), drinking tea is very common in ancient China. The tea culture in China is very different from the tea culture in Europe and America or Japan. The Chinese tea culture has a long history and is profound and profound. It not only contains material and cultural aspects, but also contains a profound level of spiritual civilization. The tea ceremony of the tea sacred Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty blew the horn of the Chinese tea culture in history. Since then, the spirit of tea has infiltrated the court and society, and has penetrated Chinese poetry, painting, calligraphy, religion, and medicine. For thousands of years, China has not only accumulated a lot of material culture about tea planting and production, but also accumulated rich spiritual culture about tea. This is China's unique tea culture, which belongs to the category of culture and chemistry.
Planting tea and drinking tea does not mean having a tea culture. It is only a prerequisite for the formation of tea culture. It must also have the participation of literati and the connotation of culture. The "Tea Classics" system written by Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty summarized the experience of tea production and drinking in the Tang Dynasty and before Tang Dynasty, and proposed the tea ceremony spirit of Jingde. A group of cultural people such as Lu Yu and Yan Ran attach great importance to the spiritual enjoyment and morality of tea, paying attention to the art of drinking tea, drinking tea and cooking tea, and blending with Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, and gradually bringing people into their Spiritual field. In the tea drinking process of some scholars and scholars, many tea poems were created. In the "Full Tang Poetry", there are more than 400 poets of more than 100 poets, which have laid the foundation of Chinese tea culture. Tea leaves make a big splash for Chinese tea.

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