Four tea weight loss recipes burn fat without exercise


In addition to drinking tea, you can also eat it. The f […]

In addition to drinking tea, you can also eat it. The following is a diet slimming recipe recommended to you by nutrition experts.
Tea slimming recipes
1. Oolong tea porridge
Ingredients: Oolong tea + brown rice + small piece of bacon
Method: Put three kinds of ingredients into the pot and cook with a simmer, add a little salt to taste.
The active ingredients in oolong tea help to break down fat quickly. The rich vitamin B contained in brown rice can promote gastrointestinal motility. The combination of the two can not only provide you with satiety, avoid you eating too much, but also burn fat. The effect of weight loss.
2. Green tea sesame walnut soup
Raw materials: green tea + sesame + walnut kernel + honey
Method: Mash and mix the sesame and walnut kernels, brew with green tea together with boiling water, wait for a little cool, then add the right amount of honey and mix well.
The active ingredients in green tea have the effect of detoxification and fat burning. As for sesame and walnut, they contain a variety of vitamins and rich unsaturated fatty acids. Together with green tea, they can not only provide rich nutrition and satiety, but also help fat combustion.
3. Jasmine aromatherapy tea
Raw materials: jasmine tea + lavender + honey
Method: First brew the jasmine and lavender together with boiling water for 5 minutes, then take out the tea dregs, then add honey and mix well.
Jasmine tea can help digestion. Lavender has a relaxing and decompression effect. Together, it can not only promote fat burning, but also help improve sleep quality.
4. Meat and bone tea
"Bone bone tea" is a famous Malaysian dish stewed with pork bones, offal and tea leaves.
Raw materials: pork chops, salad oil, yam, Chinese wolfberry, longan, orange peel, white pepper, licorice, star anise, salt, soy sauce.
Method: 1. "Meat bone" is a pork rib, which is cut into single bones with a length of about one finger. After flying water and supercooling, the impurities on the surface are removed.
2. Then, take some garlic off the "clothing", fry it to golden brown first, then fly away to remove the oil, add some herbs such as Huai Yam, Qi Zi, Longan, etc., then add tangerine peel, white pepper, licorice, Star anise and other spices, then put all the ingredients in the pot, add water and simmer for about 3-4 hours
3. Mix in salt and other flavors to become a "meat bone tea" with a very exotic flavor. It is usually paired with a dish called "Tianjiao soy sauce", which is used for seasoning with ribs or soup. Those who do not like spicy food can also be served with ordinary soy sauce.
The tea leaves can play the role of degreasing fat, so this "meat bone tea" will not feel greasy at all.
Therefore, many Malaysians will eat a bowl of "meat and bone tea" in the morning, accompanied by staple foods such as fritters, as a day's breakfast, which is rich in nutrients and makes people full of energy throughout the morning without worrying about intake Too much fat.
Reasons to lose weight by drinking tea
The reason why drinking tea can control weight loss is because there are many polyphenols and theaflavins in the tea water, as well as caffeine and theophylline. Phenols and theaflavins can effectively decompose fat, while caffeine and theophylline can scrape off body fat and eliminate excess water, so tea is a treasure for weight loss. Drinking a cup of tea after a full meal is the best option. This is also the origin of the folks often saying "scratch a cup of tea".
To improve the effect of drinking tea to lose weight, it is necessary to drink some tea with high content of these substances instead of drinking high-priced tea. The content of these substances has little to do with the price of tea.
Benefits of drinking tea
1. Refreshing and refreshing, invigorating people and enhancing memory.
2. Excite the central nervous system and increase exercise capacity.
3. Stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, increase appetite and eliminate bad breath.
4. Maintain skin, break down neutral fat, and achieve slimming and beauty effects.
5. Drink tea before drinking to prevent drunkenness.
6. Eliminate fatigue and promote metabolism.
7. Slow down the effect of aging and prolong life.
8. Solid teeth and strong bones to prevent tooth decay.
9. Protect eyesight, maintain normal retina, and prevent cataract caused by old age.
10. Reduce blood cholesterol content, blood lipid concentration, prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases.
11. Inhibit cell mutation, with anti-cancer effect.
12. It can treat radiation damage, protect hematopoietic function, and increase the number of white blood cells.
Precautions for drinking tea
1. It is not advisable to drink tea before going to bed before meals, drinking tea after meals: drinking tea before meals is easy to stimulate the stomach (especially green tea), drinking tea before going to bed can affect sleep quality.
2. The tea should not be too thick, nor should it be left too long.
3. When taking medicines, do not mix with tea, which will affect the efficacy of the medicine.

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