What are the changes in the five levels of tea


Friends who are new to tea drinking are often easily co […]

Friends who are new to tea drinking are often easily conquered by the fragrance of china gunpowder tea. "It's so fragrant ...", it is indeed an admiration for tea, and it is also the charm of tea "winning with fragrance". The charm of tea should not only stay at the level of "fragrance", but the aroma of tea is layered.
The true aroma of tea should be natural, light and fragrant. It is the fragrance of the teeth and cheeks. It is implicit and originates from the endoplasmic fragrance. However, some tea fragrances are not natural tea fragrances. They may be used to cover up the inferior "floating fragrance", and often require attention.
Different tea products have different tea flavors and aromas. When we are drinking tea, a careful study will reveal the mystery and fun.
The aroma of tea is divided into five levels by friends: the fragrance of water, the fragrance of water, the fragrance of water, the fragrance of water, and the fragrance of water.


The first layer: water fragrance
Elementary tea fragrance, water fragrance, tea fragrance fluttering superficially, scentable, not drinkable, its characteristic is that it smells in the air when brewing tea, and tea soup cup lid, etc., it smells very fragrant, but after the entrance, the aroma That is, it fell sharply, and there was no fragrance.

Second layer: incense into water
Ordinary tea fragrance, incense into the water, most of the tea fragrance diffuses, and a small amount is integrated into the tea soup. The experience of this type of tea fragrance is: it smells very fragrant, and it smells delicious, but it does not smell so fragrant.

The third layer: water contains fragrance
Excellent tea fragrance, watery fragrance, a small part of the tea fragrance disperses, most of it blends into the tea soup, the aroma blended into the tea soup sinks, partly from the mouth and teeth, and partly from the throat. To experience this kind of tea aroma, hold your breath at the entrance of the tea soup, and then shut your mouth after the tea soup throat.

Fourth layer: aquatic incense
The blend of good tea, aquatic, tea and tea soup is excellent. After drinking the tea soup, the aroma slowly returns from the depth of the throat, which is extremely long-lasting. The soup of such teas is usually oily.

The fifth floor: water is fragrant
Top-grade tea fragrance, water is fragrant. This kind of tea must be a tea with excellent raw materials and craftsmanship. Its aroma is rich and rich, and it is completely integrated into the tea soup. Wherever the tea soup flows, the fragrance will be wherever it is. With the volatilization of the tea aroma, it presents a wonderful "chemical sense". After drinking it, there is a wonderful feeling of "soup is fragrance, fragrance is soup".

Tips: When you are a beginner, experience different levels of tea aroma, the most important thing is to drink more, compare more, communicate more, repeatedly compare the aroma volatile when brewing tea and the aroma when drinking tea, and experience the characteristics and concentration of the tea aroma. ,lasting value.

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