What kind of tea is better at night


The best time to drink tea is one hour after meals (inc […]

The best time to drink tea is one hour after meals (including dinner). If you drink tea immediately after eating, it will easily induce anemia after a long time, and the iron in the food has basically been absorbed. At this time, drinking tea will not affect the absorption of iron. In addition to fighting cancer and lowering cholesterol, drinking tea should also remember to drink a large glass of plain water. Or when you need refreshment, after eating greasy food, drinking, smoking, eating, etc., drinking tea can eliminate bad breath. There are two main types of tea that are suitable for drinking at night: it is good for nourishing the stomach, because black tea is made by fermentation and roasting, and the tea polyphenols undergo an oxidation reaction, which reduces the irritation of the stomach. Black tea with sugar and milk is effective in treating gastric ulcers. This also corrects the misunderstanding that tea easily hurts the stomach. The second reason is that it is good for diabetics, because it can stimulate the secretion of insulin and reduce the peak blood sugar after a meal.

What kind of tea does not affect sleep at night?
Drinking tea at night does not necessarily cause insomnia. The key depends on what tea you drink and how you drink it. For example, many high-fermentation teas, such as black tea, cooked Pu-erh tea, and lotus leaf tea, will not be better, because lotus leaf tea is different The general black tea or green tea, etc., the main brewing method is very similar to tea, lotus leaf mainly contains vitamin C, polysaccharides, etc. The lotus leaf does not contain anything that makes people unable to sleep. Drinking tea at night can both refresh and soothe the nerves. In fact, it can also inhibit the excessive excitement of the cranial nerves. The key depends on how you drink it. The time and method of drinking are different. Drinking tea that helps digestion an hour after dinner will help sleep. The body will accumulate some fatty substances in the digestive system. If you can drink a cup of tea after dinner, it will help to break down the accumulated fat, which will warm your stomach and help digestion. This time after dinner is the most active time for the human immune system. If you can drink a cup of tea, the human body will easily repair and restore the immune system. The mgc and tea polyphenols contained in tea have a great influence on the brain nerves. .

When the tea leaves are brewed for about 3 minutes, the tea at this time has obvious refreshing effect, and the tea polyphenols in the tea gradually dissolve into the water, and it is not easy to cause obvious physiological excitement. When drinking tea at night, just pour out the first tea that has been brewed for about 3 minutes, and then continue to boil water to brew again, the refreshing effect will not be so obvious. Drinking tea at night is best not to be too short from the sleep interval, otherwise it will still affect sleep. Drinking mild tea 3 hours before bedtime can calm down and promote sleep. People who like to drink tea at night are better to drink black tea. Do not drink green tea. Those who like to drink tea at night are recommended to drink black tea. Because green tea is a non-fermented tea, the content of tea polyphenols is higher, and black tea is a fully fermented tea, although the content of tea polyphenols is low, it is suitable for evening drinking. Adding some milk when drinking black tea can also promote sleep. What kind of tea is suitable for drinking tea at night? Dark tea is warm and pure in nature and will not affect people's sleep. Such as drinking Pu'er tea. Those who do not like to drink black tea can also choose white tea without affecting sleep. You can also drink black tea and lotus leaf tea. You can choose to drink semi-fermented warm Tieguanyin.

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