Twenty cold knowledge of tea ceremony circle


Chinese tea culture is so extensive and profound that e […]

Chinese tea culture is so extensive and profound that even foreigners say "one tea, one time, one leaf, one universe".

1. Drinking tea immediately after a meal cannot digest food, but will affect digestion.

2. The raw Pu'er tea will not become mature as long as it is left. The process of ripe tea is not the age.

3. All teas are not as fresh as possible, and only after the anger or coldness can be nourished.

4. Black tea is not black tea, but black tea.

5. Chrysanthemum tea is a flower, not a tea.

6. Don't believe that the first tea is good for the body, it is healthier to wash.

7. Drinking tea will not cause calcium loss. On the contrary, drinking tea in moderation is beneficial to calcium absorption.

8. Dongting Biluochun is produced in Dongting Mountain, Jiangsu, not Dongting Lake, Hunan.

9. Anji white tea belongs to green tea, not white tea.

10. Dahongpao belongs to oolong tea, not black tea.

11. Jasmine tea is not a flower, after all, it is tea, not a flower.

12. Junshan Yinzhen belongs to yellow tea, not white tea.

13. Oolong tea is green tea, and no matter how black it is, it is also green.

14. Beigang Maojian and Weishan Maojian are yellow tea, not green tea.

15. Matcha tea is a special process tea powder, not ground green tea.

16. Aged Pu'er tea can be very valuable, but not necessarily big tree tea.

17. Yunnan Moonlight White is white tea, not Pu'er tea.

18. Lu'an tea usually referred to is not the Lu'an melon slice of green tea, but dark tea.

19. Pure material big tree tea does not mean that there is no blending, blending is absolute, pure material is relative.

20. Pu'er tea is not as old as it gets more valuable. The rubbish 100 years ago is still rubbish today.

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