The way of drinking cold tea has been gradually accepted by the public


For traditional life tea, we often use hot water to bre […]

For traditional life tea, we often use hot water to brew it. You can not only enjoy the scent of tea scented from the tea, but also taste the sweetness and mellowness of the tea soup, adding a bit of comfort to life. But the most eager thing on a hot summer day is to have a cool drink with ice beads hanging on, and drink it refreshingly, so even tea has set off a trend of cold foam in the summer. With the acceleration of people's life rhythm, the way of drinking cold tea is gradually accepted by the public. So, today I decided to share with you, soak a cup of tea to remove the summer irritability.
1. What is cold tea
Cold tea, that is, making tea with cold water at normal temperature. Put the tea in cold water, you can move it into the refrigerator to refrigerate, or just leave it for a few hours to drink. At normal temperature and low temperature, the content of tea will be released at a very slow rate. Generally, the sweet amino acids are easy to dissolve first, while the bitter tannic acid and caffeine are not easy to release. The tea soup tastes more mellow, sweet and not bitter. .
Second, the characteristics of cold tea
1. Cold tea leaves can reduce the release of tea polyphenols and theophylline, reduce the bitterness and enhance the taste;
2. Cold foam can reduce the content of caffeine in tea soup, which is less than 3/4 of hot foam, which can slow down the stimulation to the stomach;
3. Cold water bubble tea can retain the nutrients of tea to the greatest extent, including catechins, tea polyphenols, tea pigments, polysaccharides, etc., can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.
Third, suitable for cold tea
Not all teas are suitable for cold brewing, and not everyone can drink cold brewing tea. Teas that are more suitable for cold bubble drinking include green tea (steamed green, fried green and sun-dried green), black tea (especially suitable for heavy fermentation), yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea and flower tea, etc., and some have been processed Such as tea cream, tea powder, or flower and fruit tea can be cold brewed, and the taste is more acceptable to some young people.
4. Instructions for making cold tea
1. It is generally recommended that the ratio of tea to water is 50ml: 1g, which can be increased or decreased according to personal taste, and then placed in the refrigerator to refrigerate;
2. After 4-8 hours of cold soaking time, you can pour out the tea soup and drink it.
3. Please put the un-drinked tea in the refrigerator for refrigeration, not more than 24 hours;
4. After taking out the refrigerator, try to drink it within two hours;
5. Try not to backwash the tea leaves of cold-brewed tea.
6. Generally, glass utensils are used for cold foam, and iron jars are not suitable, because tea soup will oxidize and rust iron;
7. People with weak physique should not drink cold tea.
As a portable, convenient thirst-quenching tea drink, cold bubble tea is also a creative idea in life. Office workers, school workers, driving people, mountaineering people, etc., wherever they go, as long as they can buy mineral water, they can enjoy cold tea that is both delicious and healthy at any time. Cold bubble tea, as a fashionable tea drink that has emerged in recent years, is favored by many tea lovers and teenagers, and is also optimistic about more and more companies. It not only promotes tea consumption, but also provides consumers with more diversified choices. To make tea products more unique and competitive.
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