The strongest anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial tea


As one of the most common items in our daily life, tea […]

As one of the most common items in our daily life, tea is basically available in every household.

Tea has a very powerful function. It can not only be used as an item for entertaining relatives and friends, but also has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects. Then, among the various types of tea, what kind of tea anti-inflammatory?
Let the editor give you a detailed introduction to the strongest anti-inflammatory and sterilizing tea, so that everyone can understand the new effects of tea.

What tea anti-inflammatory?
We all know that tea has many functions, such as anti-inflammatory, detoxification, clearing away heat, nourishing stomach and so on.
Several teas with unique anti-inflammatory functions have been liquidated for your reference:
1 green tea
Green tea is a non-fermented tea that contains a lot of tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, etc. These factors have the functions of sterilization and anti-inflammatory that other teas cannot.
Try to confess that tea polyphenols have strong astringent infection, can restrain and kill bacteria, and have obvious anti-inflammatory results.

2 white tea
White tea is a micro-fermented tea. Its cold nature has the same function as rhino horn, which can detoxify, relieve fire, reduce inflammation, and cure toothache.
Wounds with broken skin, sores and pus, rinse or smear with thick white tea for many times, can play a wonderful anti-inflammatory and sterilizing function.
Regarding throat inflammation and gum swelling and pain, drinking some white tea in moderation can certainly relieve the infection.

3 honeysuckle tea
Honeysuckle tea has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, cooling blood and dispersing evil spirits. It has obvious therapeutic effect on body heat, headache, viral cold and so on caused by throat inflammation.
If you have eczema in your body, boil honeysuckle tea for multiple baths, it can help relieve the itching symptoms. You can try if necessary.

4 chrysanthemum tea
The physical and chemical description confessed that the volatile oil, choline, stachydrine, polyphenols and other substances contained in chrysanthemum can resist pathogens, reduce inflammation and sterilize.
Applying strong tea soup outside the body can restrain the infection of some common skin pathogenic fungi.
In addition, taking a bath with chrysanthemum soup, one of China's top ten famous teas, has the functions of anti-itching, sterilizing and anti-inflammatory.

5 yellow tea
Yellow tea is also one of the teas rich in tea polyphenols, and tea polyphenols have extraordinary functions for sterilization and anti-inflammatory.
Therefore, drinking more yellow tea can also have a wonderful anti-inflammatory effect. Regarding symptoms such as sore throat, inflammation, etc., there are results of relief.
Regarding small wounds and bleeding, use soaked yellow tea leaves to grind and apply to the wound to stop the bleeding quickly.

6 Pu'er tea
Pu'er tea also has anti-inflammatory effects, which is mainly related to the tea polyphenols it contains.
Medical research and clinical trials have proved that Pu'er tea has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The use of strong tea juice to smear or wash wounds can effectively kill bacteria, disinfect and calm down, and is a natural "disinfectant".

The 6 teas explained above all have good anti-inflammatory function, and I hope they can be helpful for everyone in the future family life. Drinking tea is not a blind preference. If you understand tea, tea will naturally understand you. Know tea, understand life.

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