The origin of Chinese gunpowder tea and the type of gunpowder tea


Maybe you want to explore the miracle of gunpowder tea […]

Maybe you want to explore the miracle of gunpowder tea and everything it offers? Either way, you don't need to look anymore. Gunpowder Tea offers mouth-watering flavours and amazing health benefits, both of which are perfect for the fall.
Gunpowder tea has been produced and enjoyed for over a thousand years and continues to increase at a rapid rate. However, a great mystery revolves around its origins, from its overall history to its well-known name.
So, after centuries of consumption, why does gunpowder tea become famous again? Why is it still widely known for this truly wonderful tea despite its widespread worldwide acclaim?
Type of gunpowder tea
Here are six odorless gunpowder teas and a flavored gunpowder tea (Moroccan mint). Each one is as delicious as the previous one, although each has its own unique qualities, which means that people should know the difference between them.
Gunpowder green tea
Gunpowder green tea, with its obvious traditional flavor and aroma, is best for those who like simple people. It originated from the hometown of gunpowder - Zhejiang Province, and is a wonderful introduction to these excellent tea worlds.
If you want to make your own Moroccan mint tea with your own mint leaves, this tea is also a good foundation to help you get started. Whether you want to be a standalone tea or a delicious addition, you will find it hard to find a better beer!
Gunpowder Tiantan Tea
Once you are familiar with our tea, we recommend that you continue to use our gunpowder Tiantan tea, which is a softer aroma than the standard grade gunpowder tea. It provides delicious taste on the palate without sacrificing its unique, irresistible taste.
In addition, Gunpowder Tiantan Tea can be consumed throughout the day and brewed a second time for a milder taste, with up to 85% of the caffeine removed. However, this choice is entirely yours.
Gunpowder organic green tea
Want to do something for the environment? Choose gunpowder organic green tea because small changes can make a big difference. Like all organic teas, this special tea is produced using controlled biological cultivation methods.
It does not contain synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and ultimately maintains the health of the soil and ecosystem, while combining traditional and scientific innovations to benefit the environment. What else can you get from the morning tea?
Gunpowder Formosa Green Tea
Through the Taiwan Strait, we own our gunpowder Formosa green tea, which grows between 1,500 and 2,500 feet above sea level, with quality and consistency in mind. In terms of taste and aroma, nothing is more advantageous than this beer. The sleek and mellow background and the grassy background are the highest glory.
While some may choose to add lemon or honey, we recommend offering it without this accompaniment so that people can appreciate its excellent image.
Gunpowder needle green tea
But don't be fooled into thinking that gunpowder needle green tea is the same as other teas; in fact, our gunpowder needle green tea can provide a lot of things for those who want to get rid of tradition.
Although this drink comes again from Zhejiang Province and once again adheres to the traditional method of gunpowder production, it is also composed of unique flavors rarely found in any other gunpowder tea. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!
Gunpowder black tea
Finally, we have gunpowder black tea, and the reason for the most "unique" of them is obvious! It is a particularly rare and unusual tea from Fujian Province, China, sometimes called the "black pearl."
Unlike many modern gunpowders, this black tea is fortunate to be handcrafted perfectly. The word “perfect” also applies to its sacred and rich flavor, blending with smoke and a gorgeous atmosphere to provide a balance for every bite.

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