Tell you the historical truth of a small mountain black tea


The specialty of Zhengshan, a small variety of black te […]

The specialty of Zhengshan, a small variety of black tea in Fujian Province, is divided into two types: Zhengshan small species and outer mountain small species. The Tongmuguan area in Xingcun Town of Wuyi Mountain is rich in Zhengshan races. Therefore, the Zhengshan race has the alias Xingcun race, which is the earliest black tea recorded in Shiji, so it is called the originator of black tea. Zhengshan small black tea has a long history and cultural connotation.
The invention of the Tongmu Guanzheng Mountain species was due to the fact that during the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the army from the Chong'an Xingcun Tongmuguan, occupied the tea factory, because the green tea entering the factory could not be dried in time, the preserved green tea became fully fermented due to the backlog. Black, occasionally with a special fragrance. Therefore, the factory owner is in a hurry, smashing the already softened tea leaves into strips and taking the locally-grown ponytail pine wood, heating and drying the pan fry, the original red and green tea leaves become black and shiny, with a special rich With the pine scent, the whole fermented tea, Zhengshan small black tea, which has a dried longan and has a good taste.
Tongmu Guanzhengshan small black tea, the birth of Tuen Mun black tea, Indian Assam black tea, Darjeeling black tea and Sri Lanka highland black tea world four big black tea. According to various literatures, the Tongmu Guanzheng Mountain small black tea should appear between the 16th and the 17th century. Xianzhengshan small black tea can be called the originator of Anhui Tuen Mun black tea. In 1876, when the Chong'an County of Anhui Province ordered Yu Ganchen to return to his hometown, he brought the tea varieties and production techniques of the black tea of ​​Chong'an Tongmuguan back to the area of ​​Tuen Mun, Anhui Province, and set up a black tea factory in Tuenmen to Dedu Street. It has achieved great success and produced the “Tuen Mun Black Tea” which is one of the four world-class black teas that are now famous in the world. The existing domestic production of Yihong, Ninghong, Blush, Yuehong, etc. is also gradually developed and matured after the production of black tea was carried out in Wuyi Mountain. As for the later generation of the world's four major black teas - India's Assam black tea, Darjeeling black tea and Sri Lanka highland black tea, and even later Kenyan black tea, etc., are all cultivated and produced in the black tea culture in Tongmuguan, Wuyishan, China. After China, it gradually matured.
Wuyishan Tongmu Guanzhengshan small black tea was called Wuyi tea by Europeans before the five-port trade. They are all performed by the Shanxi Caravan (CCTV's "Qiao Family Courtyard" is a TV series about the Shanxi merchants selling Wuyishan tea) through the Wuyishan Xingcun Tongmuguan - → Jiangxi lead mountain estuary - → Jiujiang - → Wuhan - → Tianjin Or Datong - → Inner Mongolia - → the former Soviet Union until Rotterdam. It was sold by Dutch merchants to all parts of continental Europe. First, it is sold at pharmacies for its therapeutic function.

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