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The authentic tea industry in China has developed to th […]

The authentic tea industry in China has developed to this day. After a long period of development, there are many types of tea, and until the advent of small pots of tea, modern Chinese tea finally appeared in the 21st century. Du Guozhen who dared to innovate took up to four years. Understand what is "tea", in addition to the old and new, the goal of the inspirational Du Guozhen team is to make "small pot of tea" that can go abroad.
Tea has a long history of development in China, and people's love of tea has never been abandoned since ancient times. However, in 2017, the emergence of small pots of tea has reshaped the tea market ecology, allowing tea to meet people in a more advanced way. And how does Du Guomin behind the small pot of tea do all this? Du Guomin's contribution to the promotion of Chinese tea culture is in the tracker innovation and "21st Century Business Review" sponsored by the "2017 tracker innovation conference and annual tracker innovation award" At the award ceremony, with the spirit of innovation and business philosophy, Xiao Guocha and its founder Du Guozhen won the "Annual Consumption Upgrade Innovation Potential Award" and "Annual Innovation Leadership Award." Explore the story of making Chinese tea to unveil it. "Small pot of tea, masterpiece". In the dark forest of the tea industry, how to create a modern tea brand from scratch, how did Du Guozhen do it? Traditional The tea industry is considered to be a "dark forest"-soil, luxury, complexity, pricelessness, and no standards. The general concept of tea is either cheap or profitable by flicker. The market makes tea complex and chaotic. People often think of tea when they talk about it. This complex is the thinking mode of agricultural products and cultural products. When tea companies do not use branded, standardized modern consumption When the product logic is operated, information asymmetry will naturally appear. Du Guomin wants to use modern tea to change people's perception of tea and break through the inertia of the traditional tea industry. He feels that the responsibility of the brand is to understand and solve Consumer pain points, "Can't just become a tea expert because I want to drink good tea. "Du Guo took a sip of tea and talked slowly about the start of the small pot of tea." There is truth behind everything. This was the beginning of a small pot of tea, and it was also his "uphill" mission for the rest of his life. This start was too deep for Du Guomin.
Du Guozheng and his team spent three and a half years traveling through all the core areas of tea production in China and clarified the three criteria for good tea: the rarity of the variety of origin; the picking standard; and the complexity of the later process. In the end, Du Guomin and his team found eight representatives of the eight famous teas. Eight masters and eight sets of authentic craftsmanship. According to Wang Shunming, the successor of the Wuyi Rock Tea Dahongpao making technique, there is no link to neglect. Thanks to the teacher's acceptance, Du Guoyi skillfully completed the standardization action in one of the most difficult industries to standardize.

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