Tea residue can grow flower fertilizer to promote flowering


It is a pity that the tea dregs are poured directly, it […]

It is a pity that the tea dregs are poured directly, it is better to treat it like this and use it as a flower fertilizer to promote flowering.

For flower lovers who have the habit of growing flowers, they generally have their own set of tips on growing flowers and know how to use the materials in life to help them cultivate potted plants. For example, tea is a very common material for growing flowers.

Although some flower lovers also know that using tea to grow flowers, they still can't produce good results, and even grow worse. What is going on? The following editor will teach you a few tricks.

Whether tea can grow flowers has always been a topic of discussion. Because this substance itself is alkaline, many flower lovers worry about whether it will cause harm to flowers. In fact, tea leaves are not alkaline after fermentation, but show a relatively weak acidity, which is undoubtedly suitable for most flowers that are used to growing in acid soil. If it is said that the use of tea leaves produces negative effects, it is probably because the method of use is not mastered.

One of the most important steps for growing flowers in tea is to ferment in a humid and airtight environment. You can put the leftover tea leaves in a bag first, and then seal the bag. It is necessary to ensure that the tea leaves are in a moist state. In this way, it is easier to ferment successfully.

If the fermentation goes well, it can be used in about a month. The main purpose of fermented tea is to mix it into the soil. When planting plants, flower friends can use the tea as a kind of base fertilizer, which can be stirred and mixed layer by layer, and then planted into it. This can not only supplement the nutrients of the soil and provide more nutrients to the plants, but also adjust the pH of the potted environment to provide a better growth environment for the plants.

It is best not to pour the tea directly on the surface of the soil, otherwise it will not only be difficult to play an effective role, but it may also make the plant boring.

Finally, pay attention to the season of use. Tea flowers are not suitable for every season, especially in the sensitive season like summer. Most plants are in a dormant state, and there is no need to add too much. Fertilizers and nutrients, like spring or autumn, are more suitable time periods.

At the same time, it is necessary to control a certain amount and mix and add in a certain proportion, so that it can exert the greatest effect.

If you want to plant beautiful flowers, it is not only the daily water and light. Learning to use the materials in life can also have unexpected effects.

In the process of growing flowers with tea, it is especially necessary to understand how to use it correctly, and to combine the growth habit of the plant itself, only with careful care and care can you harvest a satisfactory potted plant.

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