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Now that tea is advocated as a national drink, tea drin […]

Now that tea is advocated as a national drink, tea drinking has become an indispensable lifestyle for people.
Some people like to drink strong tea, and some people like tea. However, whether it is a strong drink or a light drink, it is for the taste buds to better taste the aroma of tea.
Talking about tea and health
People always say: light tea for health, strong tea should not drink more. The distinction between light tea and strong tea depends on whether the amount of brewed tea exceeds the constant amount, whether the tea has been brewed for too long, and the tea that has been brewed beyond the constant amount and for too long is the strong tea. As we all know, tea not only contains tea polyphenols with anti-cancer effects, but also contains a small amount of caffeine that can refresh your mind. Frequent drinking of strong tea can cause excessive mental excitement and affect appetite and digestion. However, drinking a moderate amount of strong tea is still beneficial to health, it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, degreasing, etc. Drinking freshly brewed strong tea is also good for weight loss. And light tea for health, warm light tea is the most supportive. Drinking hot tea is likely to cause damage to the throat, esophagus, and gastric mucosa, causing hidden dangers to the disease; while cold tea is not scented, it can cause chills and cause stomach discomfort.
Tea and Life
They all say: Life is like tea, life is like a journey, and time is like a song. No matter if you are drinking strong tea or light tea, you will perceive life and wash your soul in tea tasting. Tea friends who like strong tea will appreciate the helplessness of life from the bitterness of strong tea, and the preciousness of time in the richness of strong tea. Tea friends who like light tea, feel the peace of life from the fragrance of light tea, and the inner peace of light tea. No matter if you are drinking strong tea or light tea, when you sit down and wait for the water to boil, look closely at the ups and downs of the tea in the water, the taste of the still tea soup, and the fragrance of tea in your mouth will bring you the feelings of life. In the pursuit of fast-paced, materialistic red dust, what is more needed is an indifferent and tranquil mood. Therefore, if you meditate, you can wash away the dust and vicissitudes in the time of a tea, get calm, light, and tranquility.
And leisurely chanting, in this tea time, you can also let the soul like a scent of tea, lightly with the smoke, rise and rise, get washed, and retrieve the true self.
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