How to store home tea


Tea has moisture absorption and strong adsorption, it i […]

Tea has moisture absorption and strong adsorption, it is easy to absorb moisture and peculiar smell in the air, if the storage method is slightly improper, it will lose its flavor in a short period of time.

Why does tea deteriorate?

Generally, the aroma and taste of tea will change after storage. If it is exposed to high temperature, high humidity and sunlight at the same time, it will accelerate the change of the ingredients in the tea, and make the tea aging and deteriorate in a short time. Especially the green tea picked every year should be properly preserved.

The main factors that cause tea deterioration are:

1. Light;
2. Temperature;
3. The moisture content of tea;
4. Air humidity;
5. Oxygen;
6. Microorganisms;
7. Peculiar smell pollution;

Among them, the deterioration caused by microorganisms is limited by factors such as temperature, moisture, and oxygen, while the odor pollution is related to the storage environment.

The key to storage of tea is pressure-proof, moisture-proof, airtight, light-proof and odor-proof.

Tea conventional storage container

Generally speaking, tin cans, altars, and colored glass bottles are the best containers for storing tea.
Secondly, iron cans, wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, etc. should be used, and bamboo boxes should not be used in the dry north.
Plastic bags and cartons are the last.

Many tea houses choose a crock made of purple sand, wrap the tea leaves with film paper, and then seal them for preservation.

How should tea be stored?

Theoretically speaking, the storage and storage of tea should be dry (with a moisture content of about 6%), refrigerated, oxygen-free (vacuum or nitrogen filled) and protected from light.

However, due to various objective conditions, it is often impossible to have both. We can grasp the necessary requirement of tea drying, and then take some other measures, but also specific analysis based on specific tea types.

Different tea leaves have different storage methods according to their ageing and tea properties.

Green tea and yellow tea

Among all the tea leaves, green tea is best stored in the refrigerator, especially tea with high aroma like Longjing tea. Since yellow tea is similar in workmanship to green tea, it can be preserved in general.

If the storage time is short and you need to drink it at any time, you can put the green tea in the refrigerator and adjust the temperature to about 5 degrees Celsius; if it is unopened tea, you should put it in the freezer if you want to keep it for more than one year.

If you buy a large amount of tea at one time, you should divide it into small packets (cans) first, and then put it in the refrigerator. Take out the required brewing amount each time. It is not advisable to freeze and thaw the same tea bag repeatedly.

If the quantity is large, it can be stored in a special warehouse; if the quantity is small, it can be stored at home by individuals, and it can be stored in a ceramic crock. Remove the outer packaging of the Pu'er tea and put it directly in the cylinder, and seal the mouth of the cylinder.

Cake tea, pumpkin tea, and Tuocha should be placed on a wooden stand for ventilation.

Tips: The most important thing to prevent when storing tea is peculiar smell and mildew. Tea leaves are particularly odorous. Once the peculiar smell is inhaled during the aging process of Pu'er tea, its original aging color will be destroyed.

If you have good tea in your hand, you must store it correctly to maximize the color and fragrance of the tea.

Different types of tea are dark tea and Pu'er tea, and their collection value can be maximized when stored under the correct conditions. Therefore, if you drink good tea, you must also store good tea.


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