How to make your tea table more unique


Without tea, there is no tea, without tea. The tea mat, […]

Without tea, there is no tea, without tea. The tea mat, as a feast of tea and people, is a space for tea affairs, and is also a reflection of the tea maker ’s understanding of tea affairs; it is a complement of the design and brewing techniques of tea utensils and tea mats. It is also the life of tea utensils, the artistry of tea mats and The unification of the brewer's state of mind. Tea learners often like to play with tea seats, just like the painter painting on the canvas, or whatever they want, eclectic, or carefully crafted, from the dripping and fragrant tea to understand the true taste of nature and appreciate the true interest of life. From the selection of tea utensils to the placement of tea seats, whether simple or chic or grand and magnificent, tea seats enrich the spiritual appeal of modern people and give people visual enjoyment while tasting tea. The tea art competition is coming, how to present a unique and elegant tea table is an important part of the tea art performance. This article attempts to start with the elements of tea mat design, and combines some experience and experience in the process of practice to discuss how to set up tea mats to be more cultural and artistic, with a view to playing a role in inspiring everyone.
Tea set combination
To arrange a favorite tea mat, you first need to arrange it according to the theme of the tea mat, and choose the tea set corresponding to the theme. Tea set is the basis of tea mat design and the main body of tea mat components. In the selection process, we should pay attention to the combination of practicality and artistry. The most basic principle for the selection of materials for tea sets, such as pottery or porcelain, or bamboo or wood, or stone or iron, is to follow their tea characteristics. Such as highlighting the fresh and elegant glass tea set suitable for brewing green tea, highlighting the long and heavy purple sand, iron pot type tea set suitable for brewing Wuyiyan tea, Puer tea, highlighting the ethnic customs of clay, porcelain and other tea sets suitable for local specialty tea Brewing etc. The tea set's texture, shape, volume, color and other aspects are also important parts to be considered in the design of the tea mat. The tea set should be placed in the most prominent position in the entire tea mat layout, and complement the tea mat layout and tea tasting environment.
Seat design
The mats of tea mats play an inestimable role in emphasizing the theme and enhancing the artistic position of the tea mats. The color and material of the mat design usually lay the main tone of the entire tea mat. The arrangement of tea seats should be based on the principle of beauty and neatness, so that the seat surface is simple and refreshing while highlighting the style. Excellent tea table decoration can make the viewer immediately feel the charm, concept and theme of the designer to express in a short time. The choice of colors should be coordinated with each other, not too abrupt, so that the primary and secondary are distinct, and also pay attention to etiquette. For example, the water bowl cannot be close to the guests to show respect.
Accessories selection
Make good use of clever objects, it is very advantageous for the layout of the tea mat space. The selection of accessories includes flower arrangements, bonsai, censer, poetry, paintings and crafts, which are organically integrated into the design of the tea table, which can add a finishing touch to the prominent theme. In general, the selection of accessories should be simple and not complicated. The color selection should be compatible with the entire environment. The selection of accessories of the same color or complementary colors is not easy to make mistakes. Although the accessories of strong contrast colors can achieve better results, they The artist's artistic requirements are relatively high. Generally, flower arrangement, incense burning, and hanging painting are used more in the design of tea mats.
Refreshment match
The refreshment mix is ​​determined according to the theme, the type of tea, and the texture of the tea set. Generally, it is matched according to the principles of black tea with sour plum, green with dessert, and oolong with dry goods. On the basis of ensuring the taste, choosing some exquisite workmanship and beautiful dim sum itself can also become a highlight of the entire tea table layout.
interior design
The space design is a decoration other than the above arrangement elements of the seat surface, mainly for constructing a harmonious micro environment of the tea seat. Through the combined feelings of sight, hearing, touch and smell, it directly affects the feeling of tea tasting and plays a deepening role in the theme of the tea mat. Generally, it should not be too complicated, strive for simplicity, elegance, and reflect the theme. The materials used are: large potted plants, screens, folk instruments, paper cuts, soft decorative curtains, etc., which can create a unique charm and leisure for the space of the tea table.
Tea, elegant and vulgar appreciation, all inclusive. Everyone has their own tea mat in their hearts and their own understanding of tea. The last thing to note is that one of the pleasing and exquisite tea seats should ensure that the tea maker moves smoothly when making tea. The beautiful appearance of the tea seat should be avoided so that the tea making steps and actions cannot be smooth and hindered. Through the perfect combination of tea products, tea table arrangement and tea brewers, I believe that a different kind of tea table can be arranged to present a different world and reflect the best tea beauty!

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