Good tea should be light, too much tea is harmful to the body


Is there a standard for drinking tea? This seems to be […]

Is there a standard for drinking tea? This seems to be a topic of no solution, but many people are tangled. In fact, tea tea is light, how to bubble, there is no certain charter. For anyone, tea is nothing more than two functions: quenching thirst, clearing the heart, and that is all.
With the prosperity of the tea industry this year, all kinds of tea are often being stirred up. Drinking tea, in addition to clearing away heat and quenching thirst, the peace of mind should be accepted by most people, and the so-called tea people we see in our daily lives are mostly neither clear nor quiet, and always meet with tea. To express, boast, and then argue with others, the tea at this time, neither to see art, nor to enter the road, naturally can not talk about peace and quiet, to be praised.
When making tea, I often hear people say that this tea is too light, this tea has a sense of guilt and so on. In the case of a little gentleman, even if you don't agree, you won't be hurting people. At most, you will go to the silent. Some will be ridiculed on the spot, and there will be a lot of people who are lost in the tea table. Some people advocate that tea should be light, and that there is a charm in the taste. Some people like the taste of soup. The fact is that as long as it is not too extreme, there is no standard for this shade. Adaptation is fine. However, if it is a cup of tea, long-term drinking, it should be based on personal physique, to do some simple understanding.
The taste of tea soup depends partly on the content of theophylline, tea polyphenols and aromatic substances. Regardless of the amount of these substances, there is a refreshing effect. If it is simply to affect the human body, even the content of light tea is not much worse than that of strong tea, at least enough for the needs of the human body. Tea is too concentrated, it is easy to stimulate the nerves, leading to high levels of mental excitement, insomnia, etc., affecting health.

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