Anhui has always been an important tea producing area in China


Anhui has always been an important tea producing area i […]

Anhui has always been an important tea producing area in China, including Huangshan Maofeng, Lu'an Guapian, Taiping Hougui, Qimen Black Tea, Xiuning Usnea and other historical teas. The long mountains, hidden in valleys, basins, plains, streams and mountain lakes, the natural ecology and the quality of tea have made the historical status of Anhui tea system!
The generations of Huizhou businessmen who have walked out of the Wanshan clusters, and traded from north to south, have traded four treasures by selling salt, tea, and mountain goods, and have walked out of a trade route of their own. Flowing south, crossing the ocean, has become the main force of China's foreign trade in tea. The tea picking season in April every year is when the Huangshan tea area is busy. The proverb "less people in the village in April" is a true portrayal of the local area.
1. Huangshan Maofeng, China's top ten famous teas
One of China's top ten famous teas, which belongs to green tea, is produced in Huangshan (Huizhou) area of ​​Anhui Province. It was created by Xie Yuda Tea House during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty Jiang Chengyun's "Supot Notes" states: "Huangshan has cloud-fog tea, producing high peaks of mountains, smoky clouds, and misty dew, and its Ke has a hundred years of history, elegant and fragrant, fragrant, non-taste, good tea".
2. Qimen Red, the world's three largest black teas
One of the world's three major fragrant black teas belongs to black tea. Qimen black tea's reputation has already spread. When talking about Qi Hong, I have to say "Qi Menxiang", this is where Qi Hong is special. So, why can only a black tea get such a reputation, what exactly is "Kimenxiang"? Follow us to the place of origin to reveal the answer!
3. Xiuning Usnea Tea
Usnea tea belongs to the green tea category, and is famous for its ancient and modern history. It was founded in the early Ming Dynasty. It is produced in Songlu Mountain, which is located on the edge of Xiushuang County, Xiuning County, Huangshan City.
Yuan Hong of the Ming Dynasty said: "In recent days, there are those who send us pine tea in the emblem. The taste is above Longjing and below Tianchi."
Ming Metabolism, Zhaozhe: "People above this tea, usnea pineapples, tiger hills, ravioli also, Longjing also, Yangxian also, Tianchi also."
In the Qing dynasty, "Tea Tea Collection": "Ji Ke and Luo Yi enemy, only Songluo Er."
Huangshan Maofeng: In the Guangxu year of the Qing Dynasty, Huangshan Maofeng, which created "white invisibility and sharp teeth", was 100 years clean and fragrant.
Lu'an Gua Pian: The essence of green tea with sweet and moisturizing throat, this unique craft is created under the stream.
Taiping Monkey Kui: The unique leaf shape, pale green leaves, and full-bodied taste, it is a fine product in green tea.
Qimen Black Tea: The world's fine black tea, with a century of history, is famous for its high fragrance, mellow taste, beautiful beauty and beautiful color.

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