A white peony white tea is a good drink for the weather


Years old, grass wood. People are in harmony with natur […]

Years old, grass wood. People are in harmony with nature. When you are old, you can make a cup of seasonal tea, which should be transferred to the five seasons of the four seasons, and also inherit the traditional cultural lifestyle. From June 6th, the Red Net Xiang Tea Channel launched a series of reports on the “Twenty-four Festivals of Tea Talks” to show you the cultural customs of tea in the solar terms.
A white tea to welcome the cold dew.
The hurricane cut off the autumn grass, and the cold dew wet the moonlight, orange red chrysanthemum. The temperature has dropped down yesterday, and the coldness has deepened. Back to Changsha, I felt the autumn. Although the surroundings were full of green eyes, the pedestrians had added clothes.
After the white dew passed the autumnal fall into October, it was the cold season. It was the slow growth period of the white tea tree, the weather turned cold, and the nighttime water vapor condensed into the dew on the tea tree. At this time, the "cold tea" picked has a unique sweet and mellow fragrance.
It is cold dew, it is already late autumn. Walking on the way to work, facing the cold wind, I remembered the tea brewed last night, the few white peony into the throat, the back sweating, the very wonderful floral fragrance, the tea soup immediately after the entrance, After half a year of storage, the contents of the white tea gradually entered the good environment, the mellow feeling of the soup rose straight, the flowers were full of scent, the quiet feelings of the tea soup, the password of the terroir, quietly restored in the tea.
White tea master's fingertips
"Opening the green - spreading the air - withering - and sifting - withering - drying, one change and one change, all under control. The old craftsmanship makes Tang Qing, fragrant, leaf live, can not be separated from the hands of tea makers. "Funding white tea production technology intangible cultural heritage inheritor, Fuding white tea Lin Shi tea family 13th generation Lin Fei should be the industry white tea master, he believes that white tea is a good weather to cool down.

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