What to use when making tea


Tea is most afraid of moisture or odor intrusion For co […]

Tea is most afraid of moisture or odor intrusion

For convenience, many people use their hands to grab the tea and brew it directly when taking the tea. They don’t know that sweat on their hands or hand cream will get on the tea to a certain extent. Even after washing their hands and waiting until the hands are dry, they still Influencing tea, subtle differences are difficult to detect, so many tea lovers will disagree.

Our hands touch many places every day, it is inevitable that we will carry some bacteria and microorganisms, and our hands are also prone to sweat or moisture.

If you grab the tea with your hands, it will change the dry environment of the tea, and may be contaminated with bacteria or microorganisms, and the moist environment provides a breeding ground for it. In this environment, not only will the fragrance of tea gradually fade away, the tea may also deteriorate faster.

What are the tea leaves for making tea?

Are you still holding tea leaves with your hands when making tea?

In the tea ceremony, special teaspoons are used to fetch tea. Stainless steel, wood or bamboo can be used. It's just that the used teaspoons must be placed in a dry environment, such as a cabinet for tableware. If possible, it is best to put the teaspoon in the sterilizer.

Grasping tea leaves by hand is easy to accelerate the deterioration of tea leaves

Of course, you can also pour the tea directly into the pot, and the amount depends on personal preference. What needs to be reminded is that once the tea leaves are poured too much, they must not be poured back into the tea caddy, because these tea leaves may have been stained with water or other impurities in the pot and become damp, which will also accelerate the deterioration of the tea.

If you want to ensure the quality of tea, you must not only pay attention to the way the tea is taken, but also store the tea correctly. The tea must be stored in a low-temperature, sealed, dry, and odor-free environment. Only in this way can you ensure that your favorite tea can not be destroyed by time and get the best taste!

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