What are the uses of tea in addition to making tea


Hi everyone, if you ask you how to deal with the leftov […]

Hi everyone, if you ask you how to deal with the leftover tea, most of your friends should answer it, especially the friends who drink tea every day, they have to throw away some tea and Some friends may use the brewed tea for watering the flowers, but more friends will dump it directly.

In fact, these leftover teas also have some uses. Let me tell you about it. If you find it useful, you might as well try this in the future.

The first thing I want to talk about is this watering the flowers, but be careful that you can use tea when watering the flowers, but do not pour the tea directly in, because the tea is covered on the soil and it is difficult to be absorbed by the soil. The environment of the flowerpot is different. In nature, the material covering the soil may only slowly dry out, so pouring the tea directly on it has no effect, but may attract insects. When using tea to grow flowers, you should prepare a flower pot, put some soil in it, pour in the tea, and stir. When the tea is basically rotten and black, add the soil to other flower pots. effective.

The second thing to talk about is cleaning. Tea is actually a bit degreasing effect. Although it is not as good as detergent, it is almost the same as washing dishes. Just use a dish towel dipped in leftover tea to wash the dishes and wash the dishes. Yes, this is very labor-saving, and of course it is very simple. After cleaning it, just rinse it a little bit. This tea has no bubbles, let alone worry about residual problems, it is actually very relaxing.

The third thing to talk about is to make sachets, accumulate the leftover tea leaves, and then dry them on the balcony. The tea leaves will slowly dry out again, but it won’t look like new tea. After drying, put it on the side of the nose and smell it, and it will still smell good.
Prepare a small cloth bag, and then put the dried tea in it, whether it is in the bag or in the closet, or in any place that needs to be cleaned, it is very useful, the light tea fragrance will not let People feel bored, but feel relieved.

The fourth is sweeping the floor. If everyone is not interested in making this sachet, you can sprinkle these tea leaves on the ground when sweeping the floor, and then sweep the floor. You will find that these tea leaves will wrap some hair and dust. There will be dust and hair entangled on the broom, which saves a lot of trouble. If you have a lot of fluff and hair on the ground, you can try this method, which is quite effective.

I believe you have basically learned how to reuse tea and leftover tea. If you find it useful, take the time to give it a try. Maybe it will really suit your home.

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